Fertility Issues? Increase Sperm Count Naturally!

Do You Have Fertility Issues?Infertility is a struggle that many people deal with. Being unable to have children can be a very stressful, overwhelmingly sad experience. From personal experience, I understand how desperate you become to try any solution that might work to help you conceive.

If you and your partner are hoping to have children but find yourself trapped in the spin cycle of despair that it will never happen, I get it. I’d like to share with you some of the information I learned along the way during the years my wife and I tried (and eventually succeeded) to conceive children naturally.

Doctor’s Visits

Obviously, when we realized we weren’t getting pregnant right away, we made the decision to go talk to our doctors – the gynecologist for my wife and a urologist for me. Once the general medical possibilities were ruled out, further testing and a physical exam were completed. This was in addition to a long list of intensely personal questions (like details about my sexual history and whether I’d ever contracted an STD). My wife experienced a similar visit at her appointment.

The Results

When the results came back, I was dismayed to learn that my sperm count was very low. Not really knowing what that meant and why it impacted our situation so adversely, I asked the urologist my own long list of questions. I determined that I’d rather know the answers than let embarrassment stop me from learning whatever it would take to reverse the problem. Having a child with my wife was more important to me than being ashamed of my condition.

Natural Approach

While the doctor offered options that he could provide medically to increase my sperm count, the advice he gave me ultimately proved successful for my wife and I in overcoming fertility. For many men, the best way to counteract infertility is to consider natural ways to add to their sperm count. Like I said, my wife and I were willing to do whatever it took to conceive – so here are some of the ways we fought infertility with nature:

Lower Exposure to Chemicals

Chemicals are around us everywhere we go. From the air we breathe (think smog and aerosol sprays) to the foods we eat (like pesticides on fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t properly washed off), we are exposing our bodies to unknown elements. Consider the places in your life where you can lower the chemical content. Ask your doctor for advice if you need a place to start.

Less Stress

It almost sounds too easy, right? The truth is that stress can affect the hormones needed for producing sperm. More stress leads to less sperm, causing infertility and – you guessed it – more stress. It’s a vicious cycle that you can fight against by making a conscious effort to lower your overall stress level.

Eat Right and Exercise

This was a big one for me. Eating healthy was never something I thought about. Quick and convenient worked for my lifestyle – and exercising never factored in to schedule. Just by altering these two aspects of my life, I not only started losing weight but I slept better, felt less stressed – and yes, I felt better too.


Part of taking better care of myself involved adding vitamins in to my daily routine. Adding a multivitamin supplement (with my doctor’s supervision) gave my immune system just the boost it needed to fight off illnesses and focus on the much more important task of conceiving a baby with my wife.