How to Warm Her Mrs. P ang Make Her Yern For More

Proper Way to Masturbate a GirlIt takes a lot of patience and wit to reach a girl’s pussy for the first time. You have to be mindful and pay a lot of attention in order to make it a special one for her. In fact, “haste makes waste” quiet fits here. You might just end up hurting your ego and the girl as well. Ignore, all the hustling in the porn videos that are programmed and edited to provide a fast paced pleasure mechanism for her. Eradicate all the misconceptions on arousing a female directly by inserting you finger into her pussy and giving her a pleasure of a lifetime. Here are few friendly fingering tips that might make it an enjoyable moment.

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Get her ready for the first flight

You cannot go big-bang with your fingers deep inside her directly. You would just be taking an extra risk of hurting her in the most sensitive organ perhaps. It is pretty much assured that she might never turn back to you for the second time as a result. So you need to neutralize your misconceptions of a forced entry into the den.
It would be wise to take an easy approach, with a smooth take off. Make her feel nice and special, feel her body with a feather touch. There are a number of jargons available to try including fresh breath with a minty essence, maybe an ice cube or a duck feather to roll around her pussy. You could even turn her on by talking about a lot of good things about her body or maybe some light dirty jokes. You need to learn as you go, in order to find out different ways to get her dripping. An experienced man knows the cult!

Hint: Women across the globe love illustrative words. There are ample of erotic methods you can imply and tickle her moods – could use your tongue to lubricate a bit and there’s her clitoris. Just make sure she is wet, before you dive in.


It might still be unsafe to let your fingers dip in there. She might be wet, but your fingers are not. It might be a good idea to keep a moisturizer or any cream handy to lubricate your fingers well. A natural lubricant – saliva, is always available at your disposal. Make your way slowly into the den, tease her clitoris lightly. Rub your fingers gently around the outer wall of her vagina. Avoid the porn video style with a continuous sliding of your fingers to avoid corrosion.

Positioning of hand is equally important. If she is lying on her back, face your palm in the upward direction. Move your finger gently, in and out her pussy. Observe her expressions (don’t be mean) to ensure she is enjoying every moment of your movement. Make her moans drive your fingers, so pace it well. Congratulations, on your first successful.

Hint: Nails are good for rubbing – on the skin, not in there. So be mindful and trim them off before going wild!

Appear to be a genius

There is a cluster of overlapping nerves on the periphery of the vagina, couple of inches deep. Feel them tenderly, you cannot afford to miss them. Some also refer to this area as a “G-Spot” – the center of ultimate pleasure, a stage to perform wittingly. Feel this area lightly by curling your fingers, time and again. She will go bonkers – perhaps you will appear to be a genius in the game!

Hint: observe her movements well to identify when you’ve reached your destination.

Pace it well, play it well. You just get “a” chance!

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