Let Your Food Make Your Cum Yummy

How to Have a Delicious CumFrom porn to personal fantasies it sexy for a lady to swallow his man’s cum however most men fail to realize this sexual fantasy because as women put it, “Cum doesn’t taste so good as you think.” For the majority of men, cum is either salty or bitter and in worst case scenarios both. But, what if we strived to make our secretions sweeter and better tasting? I bet the ladies will be up for it more often than not fulfill their men’s desires. The following are great foods that greatly improve the taste of our secretions but also boost our health.

Citrus foods such as lemons, oranges and pineapples are a great start to better-tasting cum. Citrus foods contain acids that work in two ways to provide better tasting and sweetly smelling secretions. First is that the acids cause water to flush throughout the body getting rid of any foul smells and leading to a pleasant fruity smell that emanates in secretions due to its water content. Secondly, the acids flush out toxins which are the main cause of human odor leading to a sweet smelling and fruity secretion.

Various spices such as cinnamon, cardamom nutmeg, lemon, and peppermint have long been known to improve the quality and taste of human secretion. First discovered in ancient India this tradition has slowly found its way to the streets of almost every town in the world. Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are alkaline and tend to neutralize the acidic sour taste of cum. Popular rumor has it that if a guy eats cinnamon, his semen will taste like cinnamon, this might be true but only anecdotally as it improves the taste.

Thirdly comes in celery. A lot can be said about nutritionally as its high in fiber, leads to higher calorie expending, rich in vitamin K, manganese and potassium and is a great source of folate. However, most people don’t know that chewing celery leads to androstenone and androstenol being released into the body. Most of this will travel back to the throat and up to the nose causing the pheromones to result in sweet smelling scents from the body. This applies to body secretions as the few pheromones that are absorbed by water end up in the human cum moisture content. This greatly improves on its taste and scent making it a worthwhile swallow for most females.

Finally green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kales and lettuce are great in providing a yummy cum. Green vegetables are a great natural method of ensuring internal pH levels of the human body are balanced. A major cause of sour tasting cum is the acidity in the cum. This can be quickly neutralized by a constant supply of green leafy vegetables via the digestive system. Vegetables also contain chlorophyll which is a great deodorizer leading to great smells and scents from the body.

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A woman tasting and swallowing his man’s cum is both hot and very sexual fulfilling. The above foods might just make them want to swallow our secretions more!

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